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Future of Disability Hearings in Charleston, South Carolina

The Social Security Administration will begin rolling out an online video hearing option in addition to telephone hearings. Unlike traditional video hearings which previously occurred in a Social Security facility, online video hearings will be able to occur anywhere applicants and representatives have access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera. Video hearings will provide applicants, Administrative Law Judges, and representatives the opportunity to see each other during the hearing much like an in person hearing but without the social contact. Video and phone hearings will continue to be optional with applicants still having the right to wait for hearing offices to begin in person hearings. 

Currently no decision has been made on when in person hearings will resume but it is possible that different hearing offices will reopen on different dates. If you are waiting on a disability hearing to be scheduled, it is important to discuss with your attorney which hearing option – telephone, video, or in person –  will be most advantageous to your individual situation. 

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