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Marie Lowery’s law practice specializes in helping individuals in the community file for disability benefits, and representing those who have been denied.

Marie represents clients in claims for Social Security disability benefits and Veterans disability benefits. She is one of the ONLY attorneys in Charleston, SC who has previous experience working as an Attorney for the Social Security Administration’s Office of Hearing Operations. Marie has practiced law in Charleston, South Carolina, since 2008, and has successfully handled thousands of disability claims in hearings before federal administrative law judges and in administrative and federal court appeals. Prior to founding Lowery Law Group, she led the disability division of a statewide personal injury firm. She is accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs as a certified disability attorney and is a member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives. Marie is licensed to practice in South Carolina and New York, and the United States District Court, District of South Carolina.

Notable Cases:

Howard v. Saul, 408 F.Supp.3d 721 (D. S.C. 2019)

Boykin v. Berryhill (D. S.C. 2019)

Proctor v. Saul (D.S.C. 2019)

Our philosophy at Lowery Law Group is that every client is important. We have set ourselves apart from other law firms by remaining a small, highly specialized firm which allows us to develop and maintain an uncommon personal bond with our clients. Through our advocacy and experience, we dedicate ourselves to position our clients for the greatest success with their claims. We are committed to creating a positive impact in the community by serving individuals and families facing critical hardships involving physical disabilities, mental health, and financial instability.

Disability law is not what we do, it is all we do.

The Social Security disability process is complicated and time consuming for anyone not familiar with the claims process.  There are specific deadlines that must be met throughout the application process and many nuances that are familiar only to disability lawyers.  While most cases require a hearing in front of an administrative law judge, hiring a lawyer before you file your claim can prevent unnecessary errors and sometimes result in an earlier approval.  However, regardless of where you are in the process, enlisting the help of an experienced disability lawyer is a good idea.  Most importantly, do not give up.

At Lowery Law Group we understand how to present your case to provide you with the greatest chance of winning your claim.  In addition to helping you understand what medical information is needed, we collect and present the relevant medical documentation and communicate with your physicians on your behalf to collect supportive statements.  If your case does go to a hearing, we prepare you for the hearing well in advance to help you feel at ease and know what to expect.

There is no fee to hire a Social Security disability attorney and we are only paid if your claim is approved. Federal law regulates attorney fees in Social Security disability cases, so every disability lawyer has the same fee structure.  We charge 25% of your past due benefits up to $6,000, for any claim from initial filing through hearing level, plus the costs to obtain medical records on your behalf.  We do not charge a fee if we do not win your case.

While individuals are frequently represented by nationwide disability firms, there are many benefits to choosing a local disability attorney with a proven history of representing individuals from your area. Nationwide disability firms often handle thousands of cases at once and each time you call you will speak to different case managers and generally not meet or speak with your attorney until you attend a hearing.

What sets Lowery Law Group apart:

  • We are familiar with claims workers at the local disability determination board and the administrate law judges and have prior experience working as an attorney for the Social Security Administration
  • Our team is easily accessible and you will communicate directly with the attorney during the duration of your case
  • We always return calls within 24 hours or less
  • Our lawyers will assist you with any forms Social Security sends you
  • We provide advice on where to receive free or low-cost medical care
  • The only cases we handle are disability cases
  • Our legal team will be here for you even after your claim has concluded
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