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SSD Attorney Information and Winning Your Case

When it comes to social security disability claim issues, the last thing most people want to do is hire an SSD attorney. Why? Because of the money it might cost, of course. After all, hiring any kind of professional requires money, which may include a fee just for your first meeting.

However, there’s a lot of information to demystify when it comes to SSD claims and attorneys. While most disability claimants believe that hiring an attorney to help them with their case will cost a lot of money, whether they’re just starting out with the claim or have already been denied, the claimants might actually save money—and a lot of frustration. In fact, an SSD lawyer can only charge you if you receive your SSD benefits, and their fee is actually taken out of the back payments that Social Security pays out to you and can be no more than 25% of your backpay.


Hiring an SSD Attorney Versus Going Solo

First things first: In all honesty, most social security disability claimants, whether they have an attorney or not, will be rejected at the initial claim and reconsideration levels. However, if you do have an attorney, you are more likely to be approved than not having an attorney.

How the whole process works is that the SSD claimant will have to go to a hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ) in order to be considered for SSD benefits. It’s at this hearing that most attorneys are able to win the claim for their clients, because they know the ins and outs of the process, including which judges tend to lean toward what, past cases, and more. Even though having an attorney doesn’t guarantee you a win at this stage, it might save you a lot of frustration and paperwork if you start your claim out on the right foot and set the stage for how to appeal.


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How to Develop an SSD Claim

For SSD claimants who are still on the fence about hiring an attorney, they should ask themselves if they know how to properly develop their case. If their answer is no (which—who just knows how to do that?), then it’s time to bring in an expert. After all, you wouldn’t go to a foot doctor about your back problem, right? Then you need to take your disability benefits claim to the person who might be able to fix your issue.

SSD attorneys typically come with years of experience in their field, so they know the strategies and legal practices to look for. They will be skilled in tracking down medical records, getting statements from the claimant’s doctors or medical professionals, and comprehending complex legal regulations. Also, because these lawyers are paid on a contingency basis, meaning they are only paid when you get paid, they truly want you to receive your benefits because that is how they get paid. It is a win-win situation for them, so you typically won’t receive “phoned-in” attention.


Winning Without an Attorney

Maybe an SSD claimant is a gambler and a risk taker. Why hire an attorney when you can just do the whole thing yourself? While it is possible to win a claim without a legal representative, it’s very much a long shot (if you do win without an attorney, consider yourself very lucky!). And if you do win without an attorney, more than likely you will receive a smaller backpay because you might not be able to establish a disability onset date, or the date when your disability started. It’s truly a gamble to not hire an SSD attorney to take your case, and if your health and well-being are at stake, that may not be a risk you want to take, especially when the entire claims process can take months or even years.

The choice is up to the SSD claimant whether they want to hire an SSD attorney or not. However, if you want to save yourself money and disappointment, while having someone to have your back when it comes to the SSD lingo and paperwork you’re not familiar with, then having an attorney is integral to a successful disability claims process.


More Information

If you have questions about your disability or whether you should hire an attorney to deal with your disability claim, contact Lowery Law Group at info@lowerylegal.com or call (843) 991-0733. There is no fee for a free consultation regarding your claim. Lowery Law Group is experienced in handling cases in South Carolina as well as Georgia.