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Social Security Disability Lawyer in Savannah GA

Social Security Disability Lawyer in Savannah, Georgia

If you are injured and the severity of your condition is preventing you from working for an extended period of time, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Applying for these Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can be overwhelming. However, it’s vital to gain income to live if working is no longer an option. The SSA outlines that SSDI pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you are “insured,” meaning that you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes.


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To qualify for these benefits, the SSA will verify your work credits over the last ten years with an employer covered by Social Security to participate in the Social Security Disability (SSD) program. The SSA also looks over your income history, skill level, and education before submitting your case file to the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Department’s Disability Determination Services for a complete medical review. Once this happens, a panel of disability experts will then obtain information from your doctor to determine the severity of your injury. If enough evidence is provided to support your Savannah social security disability claim, the panel will advise the SSA accordingly.


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You can apply for Savannah, Georgia social security disability benefits either online or at your local Savannah Georgia Social Security field office. Savannah’s main office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The office can be found at:

325 W Montgomery Cross Rd
Savannah, Georgia 31406



What You Need To Do (Get a Lawyer)

Are you trying to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or an injury or illness? The Lowery Law Group is the social security disability group in Savannah, GA you need to help navigate and settle your case quickly and with maximum payout. It’s important to get a disability lawyer involved early on in the SSD process to streamline the paperwork and supporting evidence that is needed for your claim to be successful.


Savannah, GA Social Security Administration Services

Be prepared when you visit your local SSA office. Make sure to bring a source of identification and any other documentation that is necessary for the service you are requesting.

Here are some of the services available at the Savannah office:


Accessibility Accommodations at the Savannah, Georgia, Social Security Offices

The Savannah Social Security offices is fully compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act, and are committed to providing accessibility accommodations to all visitors. If you require special assistance, or have a disability, contact the office in advance in Savannah to request accommodations. This may include sign language interpreters, alternative formats for documentation, or assistance with filling out forms. Social Security offices also have accessible parking spaces, ramps, and elevators to ensure that all visitors can access the building. In addition, service animals are allowed inside all Social Security offices.

If you require additional accommodations, such as a private room or accessible restroom facilities, you can request them upon arrival. The Social Security Administration is committed to providing equal access to all visitors, and staff are available to assist with any accessibility needs or concerns.


Disability Payments

It usually takes about 6 months to start collecting your disability payments. Lucky for you, effective as of January 2023 the new Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increased by 8.7%. Furthermore, the monthly maximum Federal amounts are currently $914 for an eligible individual, $1,371 for an eligible individual with an eligible spouse, and $458 for an essential person. However, you must tell the SAA if your ability to work improves, if your medical condition gets better or if you in fact return to work.



Contact Lowery Law Group at info@lowerylegal.com or call (843) 991-0733. There is no fee for a free consultation regarding your claim.

Lowery Law Group is your legal support in South Carolina. We provide assistance to those with disabilities. Whether their rights have been violated or denied a service or claim due to their disability, Lowery Law is there to help you through the complicated Social Security Disability process.


Contact Lowery Law Group at info@lowerylegal.com or call (843) 991-0733. There is no fee for a free consultation regarding your claim. Lowery Law Group is experienced in handling cases in South Carolina as well as Georgia.