Lowery Law Group is Charleston's only Social Security Disabilty Attorney who has previous experience working directly for the Social Security Administration, we have the knowledge necessary to win your claim. Hire an attorney with former Agency experience to best represent you and your interests.

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Social Security Disability Attorney Services

There is NO FEE for a FREE consultation regarding your claim, thus you have nothing to lose by calling Lowery Law Group today to discuss your case. We handle cases in both South Carolina as well as Georgia.

As a former attorney for the Social Security Administration, Marie Lowery is highly skilled attorney who specializes with the claims and hearing process.


Why you should hire an attorney with Agency experience to best represent you and your interests.

If we do take on representation of your claim we are not paid unless your claim is ultimately approved and you are awarded benefits, therefore there is no upfront fee. If your disability claim is approved, our fee is 25% of your past due benefits up to a maximum of $6,000 plus the costs to obtain medical records. This is a standard fee determined by the Social Security Administration; all Social Security disability attorneys have the same fee.


Need to Apply for Benefits?

If you feel you are eligible for disability benefits it is important to get a claim started immediately. Lowery Law Group can assist you by filing your claim in our office or you can file online or contact your local government Social Security Administration directly to schedule an interview. It is important to remember that in order to be eligible to submit a disability claim you cannot be working full time.


Denied at the Initial or Reconsideration Level?

If you have received a letter from the Social Security Administration telling you your disability claim has been denied, do not be discouraged as many claims are denied initially. However, it is important to contact us immediately as you must appeal this denial within 60 days. Lowery Law Group can assist you by filing the appeal for you and taking over management of your claim. Once we are listed as your attorney we will take steps to prepare your case by obtaining medical evidence and medical opinions to support your application for benefits, as well as corresponding directly with Social Security on your claim.


Have a Hearing Scheduled or Waiting on a Hearing to be Scheduled?

If you have a hearing scheduled or are waiting on a hearing date we can assist you by making sure all your medical records are in your file, obtain additional supportive evidence, analyze and prepare your case for review by a Judge, draft legal arguments, and represent you at the hearing. Prior to a hearing Lowery Law Group will meet and discuss your file, and review with you what questions the Judge is likely to ask so that at the hearing so you will feel as prepared, comfortable, and confident as possible.


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