Social Security Disability – Free Clinics in South Carolina

Difficulty affording medical treatment for your Social Security Disability claim? Medical documentation is an essential part of the Social Security Disability process. Please seek out free clinics in your area if you have been unable to afford treatment. Below are links with information on free clinics in South Carolina, specifically the Charleston area.  Even if you have been denied for Medicaid or Medicare you can receive treatment through other sources in the community for a nominal charge or no cost.


A Social Security Judge will take into consideration your inability to afford regular treatment or treatment from a specialist. However, if you have limited treatment, you will be asked at your hearing if you have sought out treatment from a community clinic. Your claim will not be automatically denied for lack of treatment but it could negatively impact your case. It is critical to show you did attempt to seek treatment while your claim was pending.

Clients frequently express concern that their condition is too severe to be treated at a free clinic, or that there is nothing a free clinic will be able to do for them. However, it is still important to see a medical provider on a regular basis for documentation. Regular progress notes simply describing ongoing pain or abnormalities will go a long way to help you win your Social Security Disability claim. Social Security Judges need to be presented with documentation to establish the severity of your conditions – they are not going to solely take your word for it.

Many free clinics have long wait lists. It is important to get established with a clinic before your case is scheduled for a hearing.

Please see below to find a Free/Low Cost Clinic in your area:

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