Veterans Claims vs. Social Security Disability Claims 100% Permanent and Total Initiative

Disabled veteran with social security disability needs

Did you know you can collect social security disability claims and veteran’s disability benefits at the same time?

Does having one benefit make getting the other benefit any easier?
Generally, the answer is yes, but it does depend on your circumstances.

If you have a high VA disability rating, this may increase your chances of success on a Social Security disability claim. While the Social Security Administration has different criteria than the VA for determining disability and is not required to agree with VA findings, the Social Security Administration must consider VA disability ratings and accord them weight. Compensation and pension examinations are also very helpful when applying for Social Security disability benefits as they are more thorough than consultative examinations that the Social Security Administration schedules.

Another advantage for veterans with high disability ratings is that, while the VA considers only service connected disabilities, the Social Security Administration considers all impairments whether they are service connected or not.

Below are some helpful resources:

***The Social Security Administrative has launched an initiative to provide expedited processing of disability claims filed by Veterans who have a rating of 100% permanent and total rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is important that you notify your Social Security attorney or the Social Security Administration directly if this applies to you. More information on the initiative can be found below:

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